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Each month, I add more web pages, videos, and images for your enjoyment!  I can copy the pages for each month and save all the content for that month except the background used.  To see the content for any month, select the month you want to view.  There are navigation buttons below.
Mardi's Amazing Funpagez & Creations is evolving! I am now designing Mp4 video slideshows. The most recent slideshow is the Norman Rockwell Paintings. My next artist design project will be Anne Geddes Photography. I am planning to do more artist slideshows in the future. The artists' that I have in mind are M.C. Escher and Salvador Dali. Subscribe to the website or our monthly newsletter to stay up-to-date at Mardi's Amazing Funpagez & Creations. Happy surfing!

Hey there!

Hope all of you are doing great! Today, I am sharing a new banner creation. I created this banner for both my graphic design web page and Facebook page Mardi's Amazing Design Creations If you need a design created for personal or business, contact me. Reasonable Prices! To find month-to-month "Featured Items", that are located in the "Main Menu" (Click "More") to view all Updates.

Thanks, everyone!
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In the Summer:
I make a different smoothie/milkshake on most days. I’m happy to share these recipes with you. If you need to find past smoothies/milkshakes and recipes that I have sent to you by email, you can visit Mardi’s Funpagez Calendar. You can also find these recipes on my Facebook page.

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