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I love fantasy images!  I have collected some examples of fantasy creatures for your viewing pleasure. 
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Mardi's Funpagez is a site full of fun and entertainment... a variety of videos, music, art, colorful backgrounds, poems & quotes, Wallpapers, recipes, and so much more. I hope to give you some smiles, laughter, joy, and inspiration when you visit Mardi's Funpagez.  Select an image from any photo gallery for a larger view!

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Hippies were teenagers and young adults during the 1960s and early 1970s who were in favor of peace and a loving attitude toward all mankind and against war and violence.
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"Stop To Smell All The Flowers"

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Music is the Beautiful Disturber of Air

I have added music videos from YouTube for your enjoyment.  Music has the ability to enhance your mood.  It can make you happy, sad, enlightened, relaxed, energetic, sensual, and more.  I have added several genres of music.  I enjoy Classical, New Age, and Classic Rock.  There are several videos to choose.  I have also included a link to my YouTube site where you can find more music videos to watch and listen.  Funpagez Music