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Mardi's Funpagez has taken on a new brighter look.  You will find convenient navigation icons to help you move around the website. The colors on the whole site are more vibrant than ever before.  I'm loving the look!

New @ Mardi's Amazing Funpagez:

The newest addition to Funpagez is "Sweethearts"Cute pictures of sweet little girls and boys.  Precious!
There's a new page that I have created called "The Groovy Place"It's nostalgic and fun!
Just added this new page to Funpagez:  "Groovy Fractal Artwork".  Fascinating Art!

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This is a Groovy Place

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Sweet Tators - Cute & Funny

Recent Images Added to Funpagez

Uplifting ~ Inspiring ~ Fun

Mardi's Funpagez is a site full of fun and entertainment... a variety of videos, music, art, colorful backgrounds, poems & quotes, Wallpapers, recipes, and so much more. I hope to give you some smiles, laughter, joy, and inspiration when you visit Mardi's Funpagez.  Select an image from any photo gallery for a larger view!

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Christmas Angels Album 2018

This album was created in OneDrive

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Legacy website - 2001 to Present
Visit the Funpagez (Legacy) website To view all my web pages, click the above link or the Sitemap banner.

This is my life's work and I have struggled to keep my creative work online. When I first started Mardi's Funpagez, it was a FREE website by Back then, it was called FreeWebs. When they changed their site to include templates, I thought I would never be able to edit my site. I now have two websites named Funpagez. The newest one is a work in progress. I will never give up my legacy website. Please enjoy your visit there and give me your comments on this new website.

Note: I am unable to add new pages to the legacy site due to the fact that the old platform is out dated. Thank you!

Description: Mardi's Funpagez is a site full of fun and entertainment... a variety of content to include: videos, music, art, colorful backgrounds, poems, wallpapers, recipes, and so much more. I hope to give you some smiles, laughter, joy, and inspiration when you visit Mardi's Funpagez.


The Beautiful Flower ~ Marijuana

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Hippies were teenagers and young adults during the 1960s and early 1970s who were in favor of peace and a loving attitude toward all mankind and against war and violence.
Welcome to "The Groovy Place" ~ A New Addition to Mardi's Funpagez

This is a groovy place to share marijuana news.  Up-to-date information on marijuana for not only legalization, but also it’s medicinal uses in our society today.  Also, The Groovy Place is the best place to enjoy the counterculture of the 60s & 70s that is still alive today in the display of Hippie graphic art and... the music of our time, which is still being played today by the young and the oldest Hippie. I hope that you all will enjoy my page and learn more about the beautiful flower - Marijuana.


This is my personal cause to free marijuana and post informative and creative posts for all my Facebook friends to enjoy and share... If you support the liberation of Marijuana, be pro-active and share to get the word out.


It is criminal to outlaw a plant that has so many health and wellness properties. After all, God put this plant on Earth for a reason. Marijuana has been around for billions of years. Governments and some others, we all know who they are, are ignorant about the true facts regarding marijuana. I hope to shed some light on the truths about Mother Nature’s plant - Marijuana.


I also like to have fun with my page by posting “Classic Rock” videos, cool imaginative graphics, pictures of marijuana buds and plants, other people’s stories, and, of course, hippie memorabilia.


I am not selling anything or promoting anything.  This is a good place to kick back with friends.



I grew up during the 60-70s and still believe in Love and Peace. I am fascinated to learn that there are still so many old/and new Hippies out there sharing and liking my page. Thank you! Let’s Keep Being Groovy...

~ Classic Rock and Roll Videos presented to you by Mardi's Funpagez ~
Presented by Mardi's Funpagez

A unique recipe gathering place

Food is a necessary item in all our lives. I strive to find great recipes by fabulous cooks to share with all people of all ages and backgrounds. I hope you all will find something good to eat from the sharing of these recipes. 

Great Recipes by Fabulous Cooks!

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"Stop To Smell The Flowers"

Recent Photos

There are more photos in my

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There are several floral gardens to view.

  • Hawaiian Flower Gardens

  • Roses are Beautiful

  • Butterfly Gallery

  • Flora Photography

by Vernis Maxwell

Coming soon!

  • Christmas Flowers

  • Fall Flowers

by Vernis Maxwell

Awesome Music for the Mind, Body, and Spirit

Music is the Beautiful Disturber of Air

First page of “New Age” music videos

Second page of “New Age” music videos


The background for both of these pages has been updated and the main graphic on each page has been changed.  New Videos from YouTube have been added for each artist listed.  A drop-down menu has been added at the bottom of each page to help navigate to other Funpagez sites and pages.  I am updating my “Legacy” web pages one page at a time.  It’s a huge undertaking considering the fact that Mardi’s Funpagez has so much content.  Stay tuned for more changes in the future.

John Lennon (The Beatles) - Imagine W/ Lyrics

I have added music videos from YouTube for your enjoyment. 

Music has the ability to enhance your mood.  It can make you happy, sad, enlightened, relaxed, energetic, sensual, and more.  

I have added several genres of music.  I enjoy Classical, New Age, and Classic Rock.  There are several videos to choose.  

I have also included a link to my YouTube site where you can find more music videos to watch and listen.

John Fogerty Songs - 2 Favorites!
I love Creedence Clearwater Revival (CCR) ~ These two songs are his different solo style

Song:  Sugar Sugar!


John Fogerty songs - A Favorite!
1 - Sugar Sugar
2 - Don't You Wish It Was True

Song:  Don't You Wish
It Was True?