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Welcome to The Groovy Place!

This is "The Groovy Place"!  You will find informative news,  humorous posts, music videos, pot images and more.  You will find marijuana news not only regarding legalization and it’s medicinal uses, but also you will enjoy the counterculture of the 60s and 70s that is still alive today... It's demonstrated by the display of new Hip graphic art and, of course, the music of Our time is still being played. I hope that the young and the old will enjoy my Facebook page and learn more about:  The Beautiful Flower - marijuana.


This is my personal cause to free marijuana and to post informative and creative posts for all my Facebook friends to enjoy and share... If you support the liberation of Marijuana, be pro-active and share to get the word out.


It is criminal to outlaw a plant that has so many health and wellness properties. After all, God put this plant on Earth for a reason. Marijuana has been around for billions of years. Governments and some others, we all know who they are, are ignorant about the true facts regarding marijuana. I hope to shed some light on the truths about Mother Nature’s plan - Marijuana.


I also like to have fun with my page by posting “Classic Rock” videos, cool imaginative graphics, pictures of marijuana buds and plants, other people’s stories, and, of course, hippie memorabilia.


I am not selling anything or promoting anything.  This is just a groovy place to kick back with friends.  This is Mardi's Funpagez!


I grew up during the 60-70s and still believe in Love and Peace. I am fascinated to learn that there are still so many old/and new Hippies out there sharing and liking my page. Thank you! Let’s keep grooving on...

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