Mardi's Selene Palos

Mardi Selene Palos

Mardi's Fairy Land
Catch the magic of fairies!

It's tough to be a pixie in a little humdrum town, with your weather beaten body and your old black gown. For you must never let folks know that under this disguise, are rainbow wings and dancing feet and laughter-ridden eyes. Read more...
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Angels, Fairies, Vampires, Mystical

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Mardi's Enchantment
dreams, fantasy, imagination video

The Dark Realm
Follow the vampiress guide provided below
- Vampire movies, books, and graphic

art have always been my favorite

thrills and chills. My collection of

monsters will start with some

vampires I found lurking about.

- The website graphics are collage

creations of photos from the classic

and new monsters, vampires, witches,

and spiders, past and present, we

have enjoyed over the years in the

movies, stage, and graphic art. Join

the monster fest with me! I promise

I'll try not to bite... Although, I am a

bit thirsty.

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