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Visit Mother Earth ~ It's Earth Day ~ 4/22/2020 ~ Celebrate Earth Day All This Week & Every Day!


3 New Businesses Added To Mardi's Amazing Funpagez & Creations!

I will be creating a page for each of the three businesses below.  I personally know the owner's of  these establishments. 
I recommend them highly!

Regal Nail Salon

Welcome to Regal Nails inside the Walmart Super Center on 2301 W Kenosha in Broken Arrow, OK 
Call (918) 259-1971

Heaven Is A Very Talented Hair Stylist In The Austin TX Area

Melinda A. Powell
Certified Natural Health Coach, Survivor, Woman of Letters
Facebook Page: The Duchess and The Dragonfly

Recovery Support, Holistic Remedies & Recommendations, Cannabis Advocacy, Creative Writing/Short Stories, Inspirations, Information and Affirmations, Spirituality.


Stay tuned in to find out more about these new businesses!

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Hi! My name is Mardi Selene Palos, the group admin and creator of the group. I share the Admin responsibility with my sister, Jeanette Carden, This is an Open/Public Group. Let's have fun sharing our favorite recipes, crafts, and fun uplifting topics. This is a place to get away from the noise of the world. Let's keep the group friendly TOO.
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Awesome Music for the Mind, Body, and Spirit

Music is the Beautiful Disturber of Air

I have added music videos from YouTube for your enjoyment.  Music has the ability to enhance your mood.  It can make you happy, sad, enlightened, relaxed, energetic, sensual, and more.  I have added several genres of music.  I enjoy Classical, New Age, and Classic Rock.  There are several videos to choose.  I have also included a link to my YouTube site where you can find more music videos to watch and listen.  Funpagez Music